We met Stefano Sala, fundraiser of Associazione Zenzero, a few years ago. Listening to their projects and objectives, we understood that collaborating with them would allow us to make the values we believe in concrete.

Associazione Zenzero is a non-profit organization that carries out social entrepreneurship projects in Africa with the aim of social and environmental sustainability: offers local communities technical, managerial, financial and training assistance to create employment; encourages sustainable development, through education to respect the environment and intelligent use of its resources; it mainly involves women, to improve their quality of life.
For some years, with the sale of our furnishing accessories, we have been supporting the Pet Recycling for women, which consists in the creation of plastic collection and recycling centers in various African countries. Here waste is abandoned on the street or burned, with serious damage to people, the environment, agriculture and livestock. In the centres, women are employed at all levels: their management, the collection and sorting of plastic bottles, the production of PET eco-bales which are sold to companies in the country, create a virtuous system of circular economy.
In 2021 we wanted to do more. Stefano told us that he had visited a village in Ghana, where there is a school that welcomes about 400 children from 4 to 18 years old. Many, walking even 8 km every day, fall asleep on the benches. Hence the idea of starting the construction of a school campus, which offers children a hostel, a canteen and recreational spaces and welcomes volunteers from abroad. And since the pandemic has reaffirmed what the important for our children to be able to go to school, we also wanted to participate in this project
But we felt we could do even more and so in 2022 we became Supporting partner of Associazione Zenzero. Because, as Zenzero’s friends say, «There are choices that make the world a better place. For everyone.”