The pride of participating in an important project
Choose Wood is proud to support Physis PEB, official team of the Politecnico di Milano. The goal is to participate in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge from 3 to 8 July, organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco in the Principality: 38 teams, 21 nations, 3 categories (open, solar and energy), 3 different competitions, 16 universities. For this event, universities and companies from all over the world compete to design and build a zero-emission racing catamaran, so as to stimulate all forms of innovation and make the nautical world more sustainable.
The Yacht Club provides each team participating in the competition with the hulls and two carbon fiber transverse tubes, the same for all. The rest of the prototype is entirely designed and built by the 85 guys who make up the team.
Physis never sleeps
Last year IONE 1.0, the first prototype built by Physis, made its debut in the waters of the principality with an energy system that combined lithium-ion batteries and solar panels.
As Gabriele (Physis Technical Director) tells us “The newly born team – in just 8 months of hard work – managed to build a catamaran capable of surprising everyone and outperforming the competition, placing itself on the third step of the podium. They remind us of how the team that never sleeps – Physis never sleeps – and we are rewarded with one of the most significant and coveted trophies of the competition: the Eco Conception Prize, awarded to us for having built the greenest and most eco-sustainable boat. Proud that this aspect that we have considered from the beginning has been recognized and valued!”
During the last year various components were designed and manufactured with a view to minimizing the environmental impact of the boat, both direct and associated with the production of the technologies installed on board.
Luca Vacchini (Physis Head of Logistic) recalls that “Primary examples were the cockpit made by recycling second-hand moulds, with a particular prototype basalt fiber and a bio-based resin, the support of the solar panels made with bamboo canes intertwined and joined with components designed and 3D printed with biodegradable filaments obtained from the fermentation of vegetable starches derived from corn and sugar cane”
Even many other components, such as the steering wheel, the accelerator and the spacers, have been made with this 3D printing technique to reduce the use of polluting materials to a minimum in total discord with the design and construction philosophy.
Waiting for July 2023 in the waters of the Principality
Given the great results obtained in their first participation, the Physis guys are working to further improve themselves with an ambitious project from the point of view of innovation and sustainability. We will see the fuel cell and the use of hydrogen implemented, evaluate the use of a new cockpit and reveal all the design details when possible. Now there’s a race to organize down to the last detail! WAY TO GO PHYSIS