Cookies are short text files stored by your Web browser in your computer, or mobile device. They remain in your computer for different periods: from a few hours to several years accordingly to their function, except for the c.d. profiling Cookie for which the longest lasting is of 365 solar days.

Cookies register technical data and your preferences in a semi-permanent way, in order to improve your web browsing by an easier and better performing site response. To respect your privacy, Cookies allow us to recognize your computer (or mobile device), but not who is using it.


Cookie typologies

There are two kinds of Cookie:

  • Cookies of first party: installed by the Owner, or by the person in charge of the website who directly manage and answer for them.
  • Cookies of third party: installed by other then the Owner. Third party subjects are responsible for third party Cookies and must have in their Privacy Policies denial options.

In our web site, you may find six different kind of Cookie:

1. Technical, analytic and session Cookies

These Cookies are essential to the proper functioning of Our Site and they grant functions such as login operations, registration of setting preferences, downloading of plug-in to display contents. This kind of Cookie enables us to gather statistic and efficiency information in an anonymous and aggregate form, in order to check our web site and its contents.

2. Browsing analysis and performance Cookies

We use these Cookies to check how efficiently you navigate our site, which are the contents you look at, which is the geographical position of your device. This information helps us to improve our site by providing you contents that are more interesting. You may deny the access to this kind of Cookie by indicating this in the preferences or options menu in your browser.

3. Targeting Cookies with marketing and advertising purpose

Targeting Cookies are used to better understand you and, in turn, to make our site and advertising more relevant to your interests.

4. Widgets and other interconnection tools to third party sites

We use third party retargeting and remarketing features on our website. These technologies allow us to address internet users who previously visited the site by personalized advertising on our partners' websites. For this purpose, the retargeting or remarketing provider will store a cookie on your hard drive. Based on the cookie technology, anonymous user details will be stored - for example, the advertising you received from us or clicked, the products you viewed, or whether you made a purchase. You may stop the use of the retargeting and/or remarketing feature by accessing the third party providers' cookie opt-out pages via third party links.

5. Tracking pixel or web beacon

A "web beacon" or "pixel tag" is typically a one-pixel image, or a script, used to pass information from your computer or mobile device to a third party in order to check your web traffic. These Cookies as well are subject to your consent and you may opt to refuse them directly into third party policy.

6. Usability instruments

These functionalities written with an application code allow the site operator to keep track of the way users navigate around the site. We use this information to improve our site design and usability. These scripts do not gather users' digital elements and are subjects to users' explicit consent. The Owner directly manages refusal, if present in our site.



The Owner tries not to use Cookies if not necessary. You will find these Cookies on Choose Wood web site:

1. Strictly necessary Cookies

A Cookie falls in this category if it is essential to the operations of our site, supporting functions such as logging in, recording your configuration preferences, or downloading plug-in functional to the display of contents.

Cookie of first party

They are generated by the contact form that collects your name, surname, address and e-mail.


2. Cookies subject to consent

Following Cookies are subject to your consent. You may simply declare it through the instructions written in the banner displayed during the first access to this site, or in a selective way following the information here below. You may directly give consent to first party Cookies. For third party Cookies we display the LINK to the Privacy Policy pages of the concerned operators, so that you would be able to deny your consent.

Third party Cookies

Google Analytics logging and traffic statistics, only for internal use GO TO POLICY

Facebook for the social login functionalities, "like" and contents share of this site on the social network Facebook GO TO POLICY

LinkedIn for the social login functionalities, and contents share of this site on the social network LinkedIn GO TO POLICY

Instagram for the social login functionalities, and contents share of this site on the social network Instagram GO TO POLICY

YouTube for the social login functionalities, and contents share of this site on the social network Instagram YouTube GO TO POLICY

Stripe for all the commercial transactions and the linked on-line payments GO TO POLICY

 Third party unrelated to Choose Wood

You may opt not to accept third party Cookies unknown to the Owner, but processing your personal information through Choose Wood site, by entering the web site
You can block Cookies setting and reading by modifying, at any moment, the privacy preferences in your browser.

In addition to this document, you can manage Cookies preferences directly in the browser and eventually forbid the installation by third party. By the browser preferences, you may also delete Cookies installed in the past, those for which you signed off included. User may find more information about Cookies in the most common browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari e Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Notwithstanding of the above, User may benefit of the information given by EDAA (UE), Network Advertising Initiative (USA) and Digital Advertising Alliance (USA), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. User may handle the tracking preferences of most advertising tools. Thereby, the Owner suggests the Users to exploit these resources in addition to the information given in this document.


Cookies managed by the Owner last 30 days maximum, except for voluntary renewal you may activate by reiterating your consent. Duration of third party Cookies is indicated in their Cookie policy.



You may address any information, or clarification request, as well as the demand to exercise your rights, to the Owner of the treatment: Choose Wood s.r.l., P.I. 09793980963, headquarter in Via D’Adda 4/4, 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI), that can be contactable via e-mail ovvero all’indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata

In any case, you have always the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Officer that you can reach at the e-mail address or by the dedicated site


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