A perfect combination of different professionalisms and passions. Unforgettable days!

It seems incredible to think that it all started with trunks felled by Vaia at the end of October, trunks with the bark still on. Three days of great effort in a festive atmosphere. People who have decided to donate time and skills to contribute to the construction of a symbol, important for the Veneto region but also for all of Italy! We met many professionals, new friends who, with passion and different skills, contributed to the realization of this dream, conceived by Andrea Zenari and built together step by step in recent months. Truly exciting moments . Like when we moved the two sides of the roof “by hand”: if we hadn’t been so many and we hadn’t all joined together it wouldn’t have been possible. Or like when the ridge was positioned with the crane at the first go in the joints of the monks: people with great abilities naturally placed at the service of others. A perfect joint! We of the Settimo Milanese group and Milan are really proud and happy to have given our support…Lest we forget. See you next adventure!